Are you a Star Thinker?

STEP programs are designed for students who learn quickly in a different “out-of-the-box” way, who want to be challenged outside of the academic setting, who are “creative thinkers”, or gifted, talented, artistic, or “twice exceptional” learners. We want to help you meet other “star thinkers” to swap ideas and explore together.

Fall 2017 anyone?

Want to join us for a future activity? STEP is now planning activities for 2017. We’ve had requests for occasional gatherings or year round events for children and families. Check back here or ask to be put on our mailing list. We welcome your creative ideas for future plans.

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Creative thinkers who are encouraged to exercise their imaginations may grow up to write stories like this one. Melina Sempill Watts is a real "Star Thinker".

Tree is a novel that tells the life of a California live oak over 229 years of California history, from the point of view of ... the tree.

A society that forgets its vital connection to trees will ultimately destroy itself. Read this book to hopefully find a way to reconnect and rebuild your connection with the trees in your life. It will definitely change your view of them.

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Calling all teachers

We want to introduce an online program for “star thinkers” that will excite both teachers and students. We are actively seeking teachers who have solid experience working with creative and gifted children of all ages, including those with 2E exceptionalities.

Our teachers are drawn from many backgrounds, including private and college campuses as well as public schools. They may have post-graduate degrees and professional backgrounds along with experience teaching our student age groups and populations. Passion for the subject, ability to encourage independent, hands-on experimentation, and love of unusual questions and ideas are the most important talents our teachers possess.

Application process for Teachers:
Send us an inquiry: STEP Contact Inquiry Form
We will send you a link with details.
Thank you for your interest!